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Withdata PostgresToExcel - Export PostgreSQL to Excel easy and quickly
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30 December 2014

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This tool helps data to be exported from Postgres databases to Excel sheets.

This Postgres to Excel tool will save you time on exporting PostgreSQL data to Excel. It is a Windows compatible utility and works with the latest version 8. The interface is simple. You are able to set up the desired transfer visually. You start by specifying the schema and then the table from which data is to be exported. Not all fields of the table need be involved. Parts of them could be exported. The destination Excel file is specified here. There is a progress bar that indicates progress of the transfer in percentage terms, number of records, etc. Balance transfer remaining is also indicated. You could harvest data for transfer through a SQL query. You start by choosing the transfer mode. Parameter specifications are done in a similar way and then finally data is transferred. All the data that match the query will be transferred.

The activity starts by choosing “transfer all tables.” After the schema is chosen, you can select the exact tables you want to transfer by clicking corresponding check boxes. When choosing the destination Excel sheet, you can specify the transfer to be made to one worksheet or each table be transferred to a file. In these two modes too, you can follow the progress. A log feature is available for recording any events during the transfer. Session details could be saved and used for similar transfers to be done again. Routine transfers everyday thus is not a hassle anymore. Transfers could be scheduled at your convenience and will be taken care of automatically.

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Withdata PostgresToExcel - Tool for exporting PostgreSQL data to Excel.
Withdata PostgresToExcel - Export PostgreSQL to Excel easy and quickly. Withdata PostgresToExcel is a tool to export PostgreSQL data to Excel file.
Withdata PostgresToExcel is convenient:
1. Easy visually config, just click on the mouse.
2. Displaying Progress, time estimation.
3. Saving and loading session parameters, let you repeat your task easily.
Withdata PostgresToExcel is powerful:
1. Export from both table and query.
2. Export all tables data to Excel at once.
3. Command line and schedualed, automate your exporting task.
Version 1.2
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